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Victim's Rights

Victims in Ohio are afforded specific constitutional rights. In November 2017, Ohio voters passed Marsy’s Law which amended the Ohio Constitution to ensure that all victims know their rights including the right to enforce those rights if they are violated. A victim is a person who the criminal act is done to or another person who might have been harmed by the criminal act

Marsy’s Law provides the following rights to victims:

  • The right to be informed, in writing, of Marsy's Law.
  • The right for a victim to declare these rights, either through themselves, a representatives or by asking the prosecuting attorney. If relief sought us denied, the victim or their representative may petition the Court of Appeals.
  • The right to be treated with fairness and respect for victim's safety, dignity and privacy throughout the criminal justice process.
  • The right, upon request to reasonable and timely notice of all public proceedings and the right to be present at those proceedings.
  • The right to speak and be heard in public proceedings involved the accused's plea, sentencing, release, disposition or parole and any other hearing that pertains to victims' rights.
  • The right to speak with the prosecutor on request.
  • The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay and a prompt conclusion of the case.
  • The right to refuse an interview, deposition, or other discovery request by an accused, except as provided by Article 1, Section 10 of Ohio’s constitution.
  • The right to full and timely restitution from the offender.
  • The right to reasonable protection from the accused or any person acting on behalf of the accused.
  • The right, upon request, to reasonable notice of escape or released of the accused.

If you are a victim in a case at Painesville Municipal Court, and you have any questions about these rights or general questions about the criminal justice process, please feel free to reach out to our Victims Advocate, Leanne Pike at (440) 392-5893 or

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