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Jury Duty Information

Jury Trial Information
Important Message for Jurors:

There will not be a Jury Trial 07/17/24.

Thank you,
Kristy McBride
Clerk of Court

Welcome to jury duty. Your service as a juror is extremely important. Our legal system could not function without you. Your help is needed to answer important questions of fact. The judge, attorneys, and clients need you to fairly determine facts that are in dispute.

If selected to serve as a juror, you are required to call (440) 392-5897 to see if the court will have a jury for your scheduled date. This information is also found on our home page. If there is a jury, you are required to report to Painesville Municipal Court at 7:45am in Court Room 1, unless otherwise directed on the recording. Parking for jurors is available at the City Parking lot on Sterling Ave., behind the Huntington National bank. Jurors will be mailed a parking pass which must be displayed in the front window of their vehicle. In Painesville Municipal Court, juries are scheduled for Fridays unless a special jury is called. The juror is required to serve for the month that is selected.

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You may be excused from serving for the following reasons only:

  1. Necessary absence from the County for the term.
  2. Physically unable to serve, or hard of hearing.
  3. Lack of competent knowledge of the English language.

Employers may not ask that an employee be excused because of work reasons. This is not a legitimate reason according to Ohio Revised Code Section 2313.16.

If you have any further questions regarding jury duty, please call Chris Flood at 440-392-5886.

Scam Alert

Identity thieves pose as court staff to obtain confidential information

There have been reports throughout the country that identity thieves have called individuals by telephone and threatened them for failing to report for jury service. The thieves then asked for confidential information. Our court staff will NEVER call you and ask for social security numbers, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information. Do not give out such information over the telephone to anyone who calls you claiming to be with the court system.

If you have been called and believe it to be a scam, notify the police and the Court immediately.