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Kristy McBride
Clerk of Court
(440) 392-5878
Address Phone Numbers
7 Richmond Street
P.O. Box 601
Painesville, OH 44077
(800) 800-8633
(440) 392-5900
Court Hours Fax Numbers
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Court is closed on all State of Ohio recognized holidays
Traffic, Criminal, Civil (440) 352-0028
Probation (440) 639-4932
Administrative Staff
Kristy McBride
Clerk of Court
(440) 392-5878
Chris Flood
Chief Deputy Clerk
(440) 392-5886
David Washlock
Chief Probation Officer
(440) 392-5869
Heather Clair
Chief Bailiff
(440) 392-5873
Susan Germovsek
Judge's Judicial Assistant

(440) 392-5875

Probation Department
Brickell, Ivonne
(440) 392-5870
Crook, Jaime
(440) 392-5868
Turner, Angela
(440) 392-5871
Deputy Bailiffs
Sprow, Danielle (440) 392-5876
Rodecker, Brian (440) 392-5876
Deputy Clerks (Civil)
Cognati, Cristina (440) 392-5884
Herakovic, Angela (440) 392-5888
McCabe, Amanda (440) 392-5890
Deputy Clerks (Traffic/Criminal)
Allen, Nicole (440) 392-5879
D'Amico, Joseph (440) 392-5891
Fowler, Morgan (440) 392-3721
Kluk, Katelyn (440) 392-5889
Koogler, Michael (440) 392-5885
Miljak, Manuela (440) 392-5880
Busam, Gregory (440) 392-5881
Rogers, Kelly (Part-time) (440) 392-5901
Stover, Dawn (440) 392-5887
Victim's Assistance
Pike, Leanne
Victim's Advocate
(440) 392-5893

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Judge Paul R. Malchesky

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Court History

The Painesville Municipal Courthouse was originally built as the First Church of Christ Scientist’s Church. The building was completed in 1917 and the church owned the facility until they sold it to the City of Painesville in 1968.

Due to increased litigation from a higher number of car accidents on Buffalo Road (now known as Route 20), the Bar Association recommended that a Municipal Court be developed. Under the former Justice of the Peace, the Court had jurisdiction over the following areas: Painesville, Mentor, Perry, Concord, and Leroy Township. A few years after the development of the Municipal Court, Madison Township was added to the jurisdiction. The Municipal Court came into existence on September 1, 1927, and the first Judge was appointed by the Governor. The subsequent Judges were to be elected by popular vote. The Municipal Court replaced the Justice of the Peace and was located on the second floor of the City Hall. In 1942, the Municipal Court was moved to the new safety center.

Date Appointed Judge
1927-1935 Marvin Halter
1935-1942 Charles P. Baker
1943-1964 Albert W. Hayer
1964-1975 Oliver R. Marshall
1976-1988 Gilbert T. Cave
1988-1989 Various Judges were appointed as visiting Judges by the Ohio Supreme Court
1989-1993 Neil R. Wilson
1994-9/22/2019 Michael A. Cicconetti
9/23/2019-9/30/2019 Assigned Judges by Supreme Court
10/1/2019-11/27/2019 James R. O'Leary
11/27/2019-current Paul R. Malchesky

In 1927, the Municipal Court was granted a Clerk of Court. Responsibilities included swearing in jurors and managing all Court records. The Judge of the Painesville Municipal Court continues to appoint Clerks.

Date Appointed Clerk
1927-1936 Ellen Lelend
1936-1941 Henry H. Scarsbrook
1941-1964 Lester Logan
1964-1969 Melvin Reed
1969-1976 Roy Pethtel
1976-1981 Michael A. Cicconetti
1981-1990 Patricia Mackey
1990-1993 Cynthia Baker
1994-2006 Debra Poe
2006-2020 Nicholas Cindric (first appointed Clerk of Court/Court Administrator)
2020-current Kristy McBride

Today the Painesville Municipal Court provides many of the same services that it did when it was established in 1927. In addition, the Court handles traffic and ordinance violations, small claims (less than $15,000.00), misdemeanors, civil, evictions, and preliminary hearings in felony cases. The Court has jurisdiction over the following areas: Concord Township, Fairport Harbor Village, Grand River Village, Leroy Township, Madison Township, Madison Village, North Perry Village, Painesville City, Painesville Township, Perry Township, and Perry Village.

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